Delivery Partners

Supporting Our Education Goals

Partnerships are vital to BCF’s work both in a funding and aid delivery capacity.  We work closely with a number of other Bali Charities who provide specialist skills in areas that support our education goals.  BCF facilitates funds and works together for delivery of children’s health and dental care, disability management, environmental protection solutions and disaster response.


Established in 2012 by owners of the Sandy Bay Beach Club, Friends of Lembongan, led by Shush Ingram, is a community based organisation promoting the clean up of rubbish & education of sustainable, safe waste management practices for Nusa Lembongan& Nusa Ceningan. Pristine Islands off the coast of Bali that have been heavily impacted by fast growing tourism and poor waste management. The local inhabitants are poorly prepared for the environmental challenges they are facing and the high number of visitors and their accompanying trash is creating a potential environmental disaster for both islands.

In 2016 FOL teamed up with Bali Children Foundation to empower the youth of both islands through education and provide them with the skills they need to manage and contribute to this rapid growth. Together they are committed to making change through a sustainable recycling facility and education of the local community.  BCF together with FOL in partnership with Parley for the Oceans engage in regular island clean ups which actively ensure prevention of trash entering the ocean.


Bali Kids provides health and dental education and checks for Bali Children Foundation Projects using their mobile facilities and excellent purpose built Health and Dental facility in Dalung South Bali. Bali Kids also publish and distribute a number of important health care booklets covering many topics including Dental Care, Anti smoking, reproductive health, bullying and personal space protection and HIV and STD disease awareness.   For communities with limited health care facilities this is very valuable for BCF ‘s students and their families.


Disability is poorly understood and under reported in Bali. During 2017 Bali Children Foundation in conjunction with Stepping Stones developed a comprehensive disability survey in Cempaga Village, North Bali. This project included disability training for the community’s census gatherers, the Tempakens as well as the village’s health staff and educators at the village schools. We believe this to be the first thorough report on disability in any region of Bali. As a result disability was correctly categorised and potential interventions designed. At BCF our aim was to enter disabled children into schooling. From our target group of 2,835 people we identified 14 children up to 18 years old out of the total disabled group of 50 persons. To date 9 of these students have been introduced into schools.   In 2018 we completed a disability survey in the Tigawasa district, in 2019 we will implement a disability survey in the Pedawa district.