BCF has formed relationships with the schools on the islands with great success.
There are now BCF English classes and environmental and computer classes at 7 schools across Lembongan and Ceningan for students from Grade 2 to Grade 10.

We’ve recently been over on the islands, meeting with local representatives, young students from our classes who have a passion for the environment and local business who want to see change happen.

Much has already been achieved on the environmental front thanks to generous donations and the 2018 Bali Hope SwimRun.

The team at the recycling plant currently collect more than 2 tonnes of rubbish per day.
Of the rubbish that is collected 30% to 40% is recyclable and this figure will inevitably increase with the global popularity of the islands. However, the facilities at the recycling plant are currently not keeping up with the amount of trash generated on these islands.

More equipment, more space, more personnel and more facilities are desperately needed.

Immediate action includes expanding the Permanent Waste Collection points from 1 to 3 fixed locations.
An audit of the Lembongan Recycle Centre is being undertaken to assess achievements to date and drive financially and environmentally responsible expansion.

The Bali Hope Swimrun will again support these projects and fundraising is underway by the athletes. Places are still available to join this exciting event taking place in December. See our Events section below for details.

There has been so much work done over the past 3 months and we’ve overcome many challenges over on the Islands.

We are so very grateful to the team involved.

Many hands make light work!


Island Protect was launched, and with the support of the local community groups and local business, this initiative will drive sustainable CHANGE on the Islands, starting with Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.