Bali Children Foundation is dedicated to providing quality education to the disadvantaged children it supports whether it be financially, vocationally, professionally, or mentoring them for the future. A huge part of that mission is providing teacher education so that their students can be competitive.

BCF is currently implementing training sessions to help train our qualified English teachers to the highest level. Our volunteer educational advisor, Andie Carroll, has been conducting these training sessions on a weekly basis with teachers from some of the remotest parts of the island.

Andie designed English teaching modules that contain six levels of English lessons. The teaching style differs from previous formats in that in emphasises more personal interaction between teachers and students allowing each student to move at their own ability and level. Furthermore, the classroom layout has been significantly changed to allow pupils to learn in small groups and teach each other, building confidence and the ability to work in teams. These cooperative learning sessions enable students to receive a more bespoke curriculum which is much more student centric.

We’d also like to recognize Ari Muliani who was recently awarded a BCF Teacher Recognition Award for her outstanding teaching performance.