Education is only one part of bringing an economically disadvantaged community out of poverty. Helping students navigate the job market so that they can land fulfilling careers is an integral part of what Bali Children Foundation does.

Food for Thought is a scholarship initiative by Will Meyrick (Sarong Group) to provide students with opportunities within Bali’s premiere hospitality businesses. The program benefits current tertiary students pursuing food and beverage related degrees in Balinese higher education institutions. It is structured so that students are given jobs in the F&B industry while attending classes. Students within the program generally generate about three to four times the average income from more traditional sectors within their villages.

Wayan Aggriani, our project coordinator and Ibu Yanti, Sarong Group’s human resources leader recently held a mentoring session for students in the program. They were accompanied by our Food for Thought graduates who now work at Mamasan, Sarong, Tiger Palm, Metis Restaurant & Gallery Bali, Saigon Street Bali, Salumeria Tanah Barak and Indo Wines.

In these meetings they looked at how each student is progressing and discuss how they can retain or improve their performance where necessary.

“It’s important for us to keep the students motivated, to address any problems they may have and to help them move forward with their careers,” said BCF Founder Marg Barry.

One of our students, Ayu Arsi, will even be managing a restaurant in the near future! Thanks to her outstanding previous work, she was personally chosen by Sarong Group owner Will Meyrick. Great job Ayu Arsi and good luck with your new job!