With functional English, even non-academic children can successfully gain better employment and so we started our first English in the Village (EITV) project.

Our first EITV Project

We selected one of the Dencarik village communities, in North Western Bali, to trial our project.  After an extensive investigation which included accessing some very remote homes, we selected 46 children who met the criteria to have their education expenses supported by BCF. We were able to meet our goal of a 50:50 male to female ratio.

Expansion of the Project

Although we started with 46 children in Dencarik, the EITV after-school project quickly expanded to double that number with parents, siblings and children from nearby communities arriving to participate in the program. The local interest in our very talented teacher, Indah’s, classes and the results she was getting were amazing.

At our first monthly review we heard Primary children, with no previous English, singing and understanding their songs. The senior students (who study English at school but with little verbal practice) were translating aloud quite hard pieces.

Parental Involvement

A six year old boy, who couldn’t write, bought his dad along to write down the songs phonetically so they could practice them at home. Dad, who had not finished his own Primary education, was so excited to be part of this and to be directly helping his child with school. This little boy is regularly winning the ‘chocolate’ prize, awarded weekly.

Parental involvement is critical because, no matter how much we help with fees, ultimately the children have to be fed and as they get older, this becomes expensive. Committed parents will be prepared to make the sacrifice. For us it is crucial to keep the children in school until they graduate, otherwise much of the investment is wasted. We will continue to develop programs which involve and encourage parental participation.

From those small beginnings the EITV program has now expanded to 35 villages and two Children's Homes. BCF are currently delivering 459 classes per month in 12 locations.