Community Education

In 2008, our work expanded to community education and the establishment of the village projects. Whilst we are happy to assist children’s education via sustainable, well run Children's Homes (formerly called Orphanages), we would, by far, prefer to have children living at home whilst they study at school and in BCF education facilities.


To achieve this, we developed a survey procedure, selected a district and started working with community leaders and families and, with their support, established our education projects in villages in North and West Bali.

On invitation, applicants were invited to apply for a community education scholarship. To be eligible, the family must hold a Government Poor Card. Once identified, the potential applicant is “Surveyed”. A typical community survey might involve a journey of 45+ minutes into remote areas where roads do not exist and the only method of transport to the family is by foot or motorbike.

Typically we will encounter previously unseen poverty and hardship. For example, in one small group of dwellings – no electricity, sanitation or clean water - we found an entire family of six sleeping in one bedroom; in another one-room house five sleeping in the kitchen; a blind mother with a brain tumour; and young children living with hunger and malnutrition.

The family profiles vary but most of the families are landless farm labourers who work for a landlord, receive shelter and food but very little cash income. The mothers either bead garments or make baskets to provide some funds for the household.

Although the majority of parents have Primary School level education, many are functionally illiterate. Children of these families typically drop out after Primary School or early in Junior High School. The children with the most ability then leave the village seeking a better living elsewhere.
However as Bali becomes more sophisticated, prospects for uneducated workers are poor. We hope to arrest this pattern.
Becoming involved at Primary level, we offer an education path for families who cannot afford senior education for their children.