Children's Homes

Children's Homes

Bali Children Foundation has worked very closely with Children's Homes developing a sustainability model – tested in both Christian and Hindu faiths. These Children's Homes primarily function as care and education centres for destitute and disadvantaged children. The majority of children has at least one parent.

Children's Homes we assist:
Widhya Asih III, Singaraja, North Bali

Partial support and administration including sponsorship, education, food support, hygiene kits and capital support/building projects

Sanatana Dharma, Melaya, Negara in West Bali
Complete support and full administration including staffing, sponsorship, education, food support, hygiene kits and capital works/building projects

Bali Kids, Dalung, South West Bali
Dental and health checks, health education projects, scholarship, mentoring, co-ordinating Dental Clinic set-up, capital works/building projects

Panti Asuhan Sidhi Astu (Sidhi Astu), Tuka Dalung Kuta Utara
Sponsorship support, food and general support

Seeds of Hope, Dalung, Bali
Monthly food support, scholarships and capital works.

Partner Projects with Children's Homes

Taman Permata Hati, Ubud, Central Bali
Capital works/building projects

Jodie O’Shea, Denpasar
Capital works/building projects

Tat Twam Asi, Denpasar
Capital works/building projects