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 Bali Hope SwimRun 2018

  Dec 2018   Patrik and Fanny saw the back of paradise
   Dec 2018   Raising $40,000 for the Bali-Hope SwimRun Challenge
   Dec 2018   ASTRA and The Bali Hope Promote the First Swimrun in South East Asia and Australia
   Dec 2018   ASTRA Supports Bali Hope SwimRun 2018
  Dec 2018    ASTRA Encourage People to Clean Nusa Lembongan through Bali Hope SwimRun
   Dec 2018   ASTRA and The Bali Hope held SwimRun
  Dec 2018    The Bali Hope SwimRun 2018 will be held in Nusa Lembongan
   Dec 2018   Astra & The Bali Hope Held Swimrun
  Dec 2018    Astra dan The Bali Hope Swimrun First in Southeast Asia-Australia
   Dec 2018   ASTRA and The Bali Hope held SwimRun
  Dec 2018   First in Southeast Asia and Australia, ASTRA and The Bali Hope Held SwimRun
   Dec 2018  ASTRA and The Bali Hope Held the First SwimRun in Southeast Asia and Australia
   Dec 2018   Runners from Six Countries at The Bali Hope Swimrun
   Dec 2018   Excitement at The Bali Hope Swimrun, Swimming and Running Competition
   Dec 2018   Astra dan The Bali Hope Held Swimrun
   Dec 2018  Jackson Groves: Bali Hope Charity SwimRun on Nusa Lembongan

Dec 2018   Singaporean model and actress Kelly Tandiono on her involvement
 with Bali's SwimRun to save the environment
Dec 2018   Singaporean model helps raise thousands to protect Bali islands
 from environmental damage due to over-tourism
  Dec 2018    Interview with Margaret Barry Part 1
  Interview with Margaret Barry Part 2
  Nov 2018   Plastic is Choking Bali – Meet the Aussies Running to Save It

Bali Hope Ultra 2018 

   Aug 2018  First Person To Ever Run Across Bali
   July 2018  'Mind is the wildcard': inside the soul of Bali's first ultramarathon
   July 2018  Bali Holds First Ultra Marathon for Bali Children Foundation
  June 2018   Northland man conquers gruelling ultra-marathon in Bali
  May 2018   Aussies make history with first ultramarathon across Bali
   May 2018  The Bali Hope Ultra: Running Across the Island with Lyndsay
  Apr 2018   Maitham's Corner: Vanessa and Nikki Niemeyer

Mar 2018   Bali-Hope Ultra Marathon 2018 - Joshua Lynott
 Dec 2017  Heidi Mäkinen Runs the Bali Hope Ultra
  Dec 2017   The Bali Hope Ultra provides a unique 7-day experience


General Publications about Bali Children Foundation



  Jan 2019   A Tribute to Bali Unsung Heroes


  Aug 2018   About Bali Children Foundation
   July 2018  Elysia Cook McDermott-Children Today, Leaders Tomorrow- Spotlight on Bali Children Foundation
   July 2018  Wheelton Philanthropy for Bali Children Foundation (BCF)
  July 2018   Perth fundraiser supports Bali children after devastating landslides
   June 2018  Order Of Australia Victoria Branch Newsletter #15 - Interview with Margaret Barry OAM
   March 2018  Get Smarter In Bali
   Jan 2018  Australia Day honours 2018 Margaret Barry OAM
   Jan 2018  Bali Children Foundation’s Margaret Barry Awarded Order of Australia Medal
  Jan 2018   Bali's volcano hurting more than terrorism


  Aug 2017   Bali Children Foundation, A Little Hope for the Little Folk 
  Apr 2017   Sponsoring Kadek in North Bali – Our Year In Bali


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