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Thursday, 25 April 2013 | Stephanie Orr
Karnadi and her brother, Putu Dartika

Putu Dartika is one of our sponsored children in the Banjar Education Program. His family live in Sidetapa village situated in a very remote and mountainous region of Northern Bali. The living conditions are very primitive - no electricity, no sanitation and no fencing around the property. There are quite steep and dangerous drops around their home.

Dartika's younger sister, Karnadi is 16 years old.  Four years ago Karnadi was diagnosed with brain cancer and following treatment was left blind and with partial hair loss.  With no friends nearby and no activities available, Karnadi's only activity was to weave small baskets that are used in restaurants and for holding gifts.  After working on this craft for 12 hours, Karnadi will produce 100 baskets and she will be paid AUD 2.00 for the entire 100.


BCF supporter Naomi has been fundraising for Karnadi with her 'cook a thon' morning teas at the Walter and Eliza Institute and Royal Melbourne Hospital and these are funding Karnadi's rehabilitation. Karnadi now has a walking cane, MP3 player, toiletries and nail polish (which she loves to apply).

Twice a week Karnadi is now taking music lessons at the Widhya Asih III Orphanage with their talented music teacher Pak Subur, who is also blind.  Pak Subur understands perfectly how to teach a blind person music.  We are very fortunate to be able to include Pak Subur's skills into Karnadi's new life.

After she masters the electronic keyboard, she will then move on to guitar and Braille lessons.

BCF will also be improving the family's living conditions to make the area safe with fencing and with basic things like a toilet!  

Thank you Naomi for making such a huge difference to Karnadi and her family's life.

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