Where one community touches another in a huge way

Gold Coast Diva Community saw first-hand how their fundraising is changing the lives of 46 children from Banjar Tegeha village in North Bali. Their sponsorship will have a powerful impact on the children’s future and that of their entire community.   …read more

Forming "Smartnerships"

Duncan and Nicola, from Classroom of Hope, have worked by developing "smartnerships" with local NGOs who have the same purpose and vision. Bali Children Foundation was selected as their new partner in providing education for disadvantaged students in Bali and its surrounding islands.   …read more

Superstar Divas Fundraiser

Bali Diva Lunch was back in full force with glitter and glam to support Bali Children Foundation, Harapan Project and Kerti Praja Foundation! This year’s special guest stars were the iconic Australian Les Girls performers: Charlotta and Polly Petrie.  …read more
Bali Childen Foundation & Australian Consul General

Two cultures, one message

A fantastic collaboration between two very different cultures. To celebrate contemporary Indigenous Australian culture during Reconciliation Week, the Australian government hosted three Indigenous hip hop instructors to run a hip hop dance concert with Bali Children Foundation children.   …read more

New Computer Room now in operation

Computer skills are required in most work situations and here, at Bali Children Foundation, we provide fully fitted out computer rooms for our BCF students. The traditional Blessing Ceremony was held in our latest Computer in the Village room in Sidetapa village.  …read more

Practise makes perfect

Our BCF students love to welcome visitors to their English and computer skills classes. Why? It gives them a chance to demonstrate what they have learnt. Two special visitors from Ishka, and their partners, provided this opportunity in April.  …read more

Words of Encouragement

Fran Harper and her family visited their sponsored child, Luh at the Widhya Asih Children's Home. They also had the pleasure of meeting Luh's brother. Fran and her family were able to give the children some wonderful words of encouragement for their studies. It meant a great deal to the children.  …read more

Ishka's Winning Formula

Well-known Australian retailer, Ishka, has the perfect work-life balance. Their policy of giving back to those less fortunate has resulted in 45 children in a very disadvantaged community receiving a good education.  …read more

Sharing knowledge and teaching skills

Partnerships with other businesses and Charities bring many reciprocal benefits. The wonderful teachers at The Garden Early Learning Centre have been sharing their teaching methods with our teachers and students.  …read more

Buddha to Buddha Visit Their Children

Creating beautiful things is something the Balinese know all about and BTB are experts in creating beautiful jewellery and garments that have an added bonus of generously giving back to the place of manufacture.  …read more

Caring & Sharing Visit

Visiting the family home of sponsored children is a very humbling and rewarding experience. As many are in very remote areas, the trek through the rice fields, winding and sometimes steep tracks makes you realise the length these children will go to get a good education  …read more

Visit from Ishka's Branch Manager

Involving your staff in charitable projects has immensurable benefits. This month, one of Ishka’s branch Managers saw first-hand how Ishka’s sponsorship of 45 children is changing lives in North Bali.  …read more

Saba's Kids

An art competition was one of the highlights of the visit by our supporter, Saba’s Kids and also the visit to three of their sponsored children’s homes where they were offered a basket of fresh rambutans – delicious!  …read more

Ogoh-Ogoh Parade and Ceremony

The Balinese have many spiritual events and days dedicated to ceremonies. The Ogoh-Ogoh parade, before Silence Day, is where the boys and men carry their Bhuta Kala (evil spirit effigy) through the village before burning it at sunset.  …read more

A Fun Day with GoStudy

The annual Fun Day organised by GoStudy students during their three month study semester in Bali is one of the highlights of the year for our BCF students and those from Children’s Homes we support.  …read more

Education for the World

Education for Balinese women at tertiary level is not affordable by most students without a scholarship. EFTW does just this and their first three BCF students are studying Hospitality, Nursing and Accountancy.  …read more

Learning about the joy of giving

Following a chance meeting with our BCF Sponsorship Coordinator, the Chavez family decided to sponsor two children about the same age as their son. Last month they had the opportunity to meet each other.  …read more

Upgrading our technology

The villages may be remote but our teaching resources are far from backwards. Installing new televisions ensures we can bring the latest teaching methods and support to our BCF students.  …read more

"The Universe Means Together"

Buddha to Buddha creates the most beautiful jewellery in their Bali workshop and have supported many disadvantaged Balinese children through sponsorship with Bali Children Foundation.   …read more

New Year Party in the Communities

Each year, Bali Children Foundation holds a party, for BCF students, parents, teachers and dignitaries from the villages, to welcome in the New Year. This huge party has over 1000  …read more

Bali Collection Fundraiser at Nusa Dua

The Shopping and Restaurant centre, Bali Collection, held a series of events in the run up to Christmas, with proceeds going to Bali Children Foundation.  …read more

Christmas Celebrations at Widhya Children's Home

Each year the students at Widhya Asih III Children's Home present a Christmas Concert for their Sponsors, BCF Personnel and visitors.  …read more

Sport and Hospitality Graduations for Ayu & Bella

Our latest two graduates, Ayu and Bella, now begin their careers - one in teaching sport and the other working in Will Meyrick's latest iconic restaurant.  …read more

Learning new teaching methods

Four of BCF's teachers and Wayan visited The Garden Early Learning Centre to observe the very successful teaching methods used there.  …read more

Bringing children together for a Fun Day

Each year the fantastic students from Go Study Norway, who spend a semester studying in Bali, raise funds to give back to Bali’s disadvantaged children.  …read more

Flavia delivers some Nutritional Advice

Sponsor Flavia Byers has a Bachelor of Health Sciences (BaHA) and is currently studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Flavia generously shared her knowledge by having a nutrition session with BCF Children.  …read more

John & Christel Van Dipten's Visit

John and Christel have been to Bali several times, but had never heard about Bali Children Foundation until a few months ago. They were keen to learn more about the Foundation and our work in Bali.   …read more

Angga's Graduation and Employment

In September 2015, a graduation ceremony was held at the Grand Bali Beach Hotel, Sanur for the successful students from Monarch Cruise Line and Hospitality Training Centre - Bali’s largest training centre for the Hospitality industry.   …read more

Village Open Day February

February’s Village Open Day was attended by our BCF Ambassador, Naomi Sprigg, sponsors, visitors and BCF personnel. The day’s events included a visit to Karnardi (who was left blind after the removal of a brain tumour) and her family to see the progress made there.   …read more

Village Open Day January

Our Village Open Days are held on the third Sunday of the month. In January, Wendy and Max Ellis met up with their four sponsored tertiary students for a most enjoyable day strengthening the bonds between them. The day’s agenda was packed with events, fun, laughter, encouragement and commitment.  …read more

Health Check Up at Sidetapa Village

The brilliant medical team at Bali Kids in Denpasar works with the Bali Children Foundation to provide health and dental checks to all our sponsored children in the villages and Children’s Homes. At the end of the checks all children receive hygiene packs.  …read more

BNI Shoes Donation

In remote and disadvantaged areas most parents struggle to fulfil the daily needs of their children and shoes can be a luxury to have for daily wear. Following BCF Ambassador Nicole Porritt’s Shoe Initiative, the BNI Bank in Singaraja donated shoes to the BCF children of Nusasari and Tampekan communities.  …read more

Christmas Party at Widhya Asih III

The 2014 Christmas Party was held at Widhya Asih III Children’s Home in Singaraja. Board Members and guests were entertained with speeches, entertainment and actively joined in the carol singing. Each year these celebrations bring great joy to visitors and students.  …read more
Seeds of Hope Children's Home

The Perth Divas Lunch

On Sunday 14th July, Denise de Marchi and Jennifer Wilson hosted a glamour event to raise funds for the kitchen upgrade at the Seeds of Hope Orphanage.   …read more
Karnadi and her brother, Putu Dartika

Support for Karnadi

Sometimes sponsoring a child leads to help for the siblings and family. One of our sponsored children has a younger sister who has been left blind and with some permanent hair loss following an operation and treatment for brain cancer.  …read more

Charles Darwin University Scholarship

The Charles Darwin University awards English Language short courses under the Frans Seda Scholarship. Each scholarship consists of a ten week intensive English Language course and is based at the University.   …read more

GoStudy Fun day

Each year the GoStudy students organise a Fun Day at the Canggu Club for the children from several BCF affiliated orphanages  …read more