Amanda Bruce

A frequent visitor to Bali from a young age, with family involved with business in Indonesia for 30+ years, Amanda has developed a profound attachment and bond with the Balinese people and their culture.

Originating from Perth in Australia, with a 25 year career in the Financial Services industry and as a business owner, Amanda took some time from her busy professional life 7 years ago and invested that time in finding where she could contribute and make a difference.

All of these experiences have led Amanda into projects that make a difference for many, including; disabled children and their families, for families in need of refuge due to domestic violence, in childhood education programs, environmental education programs, environmental sustainability projects and more, in both Australia and Indonesia.

“It has been quite a journey. Thankfully, I have been blessed with family and friends who have given me insight, guidance, exposure and encouragement on my search. Within this journey I met Adrian Reed, a dynamic hospitality and environmental entrepreneur with a philanthropic heart, and together we set up the Indo Thrive Project to continue our aim in assisting others to thrive and prosper.”