District Monitors

Meet our District Monitors

Bali Children Foundation appoints District Monitors, in each village, to ensure that every BCF child will attend school and reach their full potential.
In each community, these District Monitors oversee the development of all BCF’s sponsored children, reminding the students to attend BCF’s free English, computer classes and other extracurricular activities.

BCF District monitors might not be wealthy or powerful individuals in the villages, but they are fully trusted and respected by the community and their dedication for education is highly admirable.

Putu Gunarsa
District Monitor – Banjar Tengah
Ketut Yadnyana
District Monitor – Banjar Tangeb
Putu Saniasa
District Monitor – Banjar Abian
Luh Sri Surastri
District Monitor – Kayu Putih
Putu Sumardika
District Monitor-Banjar
Ketut Sudana
District Monitor- Tampekan
Putu Jaya
District Monitor - Sidetapa
District Monitor- Dencarik
Muhamad Atem
District Monitor – Melaya Krajan
Sri Redjeki Wulandari
District Monitor – Melaya Pasar
Wayan Murtini
District Monitor – Melaya Pantai
District Monitor – Pangkung Tanah Kangin 
Luh Putu Sudarmini
District Monitor – Pangkung Dedari 
Kadek Artika
District Monitor – Anyarsari
Luh Budi Astuti
District Monitor – Nusasari